Top Secret Tea Parties is a blog about the thoughts, experiences and events organised by me, Ms Lemony Drizzle. As the name suggests, I’ll post about secret tea parties and tea rooms, taking traditional afternoon tea and the elements that afternoon tea contains – so that’s an elegantly laid tea table, sandwiches, scones and cake, cake and more cake! I’ll post about being a tea party hostess and why I LOVE doing it – whether it’s hosting one of my own secret tea parties, a secret tea party at an interesting venue or a private event (though please note I’m not currently taking on any new private bookings for 2012).

Secret tea parties, secret supper clubs and the underground dining movement have grown and grown recently. Perhaps this is because there are many people (like me) who love to cook, and to share food/recipes and conversation with others but who don’t have the inclination, the money or the time to set up a restaurant or full time cafe or tea room. Most of us have Real  Jobs and Real Lives but the secret tea party  or supper club gives us the chance to dabble and to share and to eat cake and drink tea. What could be better than that?

So Ms Lemony Drizzle was born and now runs Top Secret Tea Parties around Peterborough, Stamford and Oundle. I’m not a professional baker or caterer but a greedy eater who knows a good cake when she eats one. Since I first ate solid foods I’ve grown up having afternoon tea with my family and, now, with my husband (lets call him Mr Tea) whose own upbringing was liberally sprinkled with good tea and cake experiences. He’s very keen on me starting this blog and is looking forward to helping decide which tasty cakes will make it onto the Top Secret Tea Parties’ menu.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lynn says:

    Welcome to the underground world of Afternoon Tea.

  2. Thanks Lynn! It’s an exciting thing to be part of x

  3. Hope to make one very soon, best of luck with the next event… Mmm Chocolate! xx

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