Harvey Nicholl’s disappointing tea experience!

Hello cake lovers…I just thought I’d share an email I received from a lovely friend of Ms Drizzle about her disappointment at the afternoon tea experience offered by Harvey Nicks in London. You’d think they’d know a thing or two about quality and tradition but it would seem not…. !

Here’s an extract from the email:

“It was only £22 ph so not as expensive as the Ritz etc and it did say it was Tea with a modern twist.The savoury selection was served on a piece of square orange plastic with a tiny item of food in each corner. A bagel with smoked salmon, an egg roll, half a small bagel with beef on it and a tiny bit of bread dripping in oil with one cherry tomato, a bit of cheese and half a basil leaf. The sweet stuff arrived on a wooden platter which was a chocolate truffle cake with blue candy floss on top, an orange macaroon, the tiniest bit of red battenburg, a small almond slice and two tiny scones, which we all saved for last as they did al least come with clotted cream and jam. Our friend said he was getting a really bitter taste, and it had said on the menu that the chef was using spelt flour so of course it tasted bitter none of us could finish it. The only good thing was the tea, i chose a lavender one which was very nice. I am obviously a traditionalist and will not be going back to Harvey Nicholls as it really was not worth the money..”

Blue candy floss?!! That made me chuckle. And only £22 per head….I could offer a much better culinary and taste experience for quite a bit less – sometimes it’s best not to tamper with tradition – unless you really do know what you’re doing!

Happy baking x


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