Does size matter?

When it comes to cake, does the size of the slice matter? This has been on my mind since having a delicious slice of lemon curd and fresh cream sponge at a lovely little tearoom in Burnham Market in North Norfolk last week. Mr Tea ordered one of his favourites, Victoria sponge with jam and fresh cream. I knew when I saw the small slither that Mr Tea would not be impressed!  The look on his face said it all!! He maintains that it’s not greed that led to this disappointment (hhmmm), but the thought he’s not getting good value for his hard earned pennies. The cakes were both moist, with plenty of filling and were not a disappointment, but I must admit, I also felt cheated. So I’ve become a bit Carrie Bradshaw and have continued to ponder whether size really does matter. Maybe when it comes to cake we just can’t equate a measly portion with enjoying our indulgence. Anyway, be assured, there will be NO small slices of any cake served at a Lemony Drizzle tea party!!


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