1st top secret tea party planned sshhh!

I’m so excited about the first Top Secret Tea Party event, planned at a top secret location in Cambridgeshire for Sunday 24th July. 9 guests plus my good self and Mr Tea…. all family and friends of Ms Lemony Drizzle so I can test out my hosting skills, table laying and not to mention a trial run of a yummy selection of finger sandwiches, scones (with some special jam) and homemade cakes. So…I’ve been trying out some new recipes… so many to choose from that it’s hard to narrow it down… I think a good tea party needs to have a selection of cakes that complement each other. So, even though I’m a complete chocoholic and would walk over hot coals for a decent bit of the dark stuff, I don’t think something too gooey and rich is suitable on this occasion, not if my guests are to get through the whole tea! I’ve got some nice new ‘blue lady’ tea leaves to try too.

I just hope the weather is fine and sunny! The location will be just lovely if it is but if rain should fall there’s somewhere to shelter and it will be fine and cosy.

Lemony x


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