Out and about in Stamford

So where was I…. ah yes today’s walkabout in Stamford, one of my favourite places around here. As always, Mr Tea and I started with a coffee at the Fine Food Stores. They sell the most amazing cakes… my fave is the white chocolate and banana, but I’m also partial to their courgette cake. Yes vegetables grated into a cake… lovely and moist with a big dollop of frosting. Yummo as my Aussie mates would say. I like the Fine Food Store because it’s so laid back and yet the service (and the food) are second to none. It gets rather busy but we can usually elbow our way to a table. This great place is run by Jenny and her team. Website is a little bizarre and certainly does not do them credit. But go along and try the cake…. you will not be disappointed!


After the caffeine hit we amused ourselves around the myriad of vintage and charity shops in Stamford and I picked up some great glass bowls for holding jam and cream and a cake stand. I paid around £7 for the lot! Bargains to be had. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that as you’ll snap them all up and they’ll be none left for me!

Mr Tea dragged me out for a cheeky glass of pinot grigio this evening and we started to think why don’t we hold Top Secret Tea Parties in our very own summerhouse down the bottom of the garden….. it’ll be like being in a beach hut with a gang of friends – and of course if the weather is good our guests can all sit in the garden and just run back inside if it rains…. hhmmm something to think about.


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